Never Underestimate the Power of YouTube Advertising

Not until few months ago when I realized the huge power of YouTube. Everyone knows it. Everyone finds any information through it. The most phenomenal thing is that everyone shares almost everything on it, from personal activities to product or service promotions. In my opinion, YouTube is the window where we can see things worldwide. I am not surprised if lots of business owners make the most of this video channel to introduce their products or services. Fortunately, there is a geo-location feature that they can use for promoting to targeted customers specifically. I’ve noticed that several artists from my country—whether they are singers, dancers or music producers—are using Youtube advertising in Malaysia for their promotion. As the nearest country, Malaysia has shown such a great response for songs and films from here.

I’ve seen such a great impact from this advertising method that relates to the popularity of the artists. Senior artists held concerts in big cities in Malaysia very often, while new kids on the block’ also got many LIKES’ and positive comments from viewers through YouTube. It is easier for them to sell their CDs in Malaysia, instead of their own country.

I came across an idea about sharing my handmade bags to Malaysia, as well. Not only because I can easily upload the hand-making process easier, but also the great chance of reaching as many buyers as they can. The shipping cost from my country to Malaysia is not too pricey, as well. I’ve made some researches about the popularity of handmade products in Malaysia through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then, I decided to buy YouTube advertising because it is affordable and effective at the same time. I can also reach my targeted customers as well, specifically to big cities in Malaysia. All my money is worth spending here, because I am able to control the potential audience.