Air bed with a frame that can automatically fold is just perfect

Well, not quite but perfect for my home. You see, the neatly folded rectangular Insta-Bed EZ Queen Size Air Mattress with Never Flat technology is a bit voluminous to be carried around unless you have a large car with enough space in its trunk, which I do not have as of now. But what I like about it is it unfolds and folds itself automatically, which if you have used any camping bed, requires some care. Why did I need this bed? Being in medical profession, and working for government bodies is not an easy job at all. I am constantly moving in and out of home. In the nights I am simply too tired. The thought of a large bed for me to keep my pains and aches down appealed to me, so I ordered this bed after reading some good air bed reviews.


It has the flocked upper part, so you don’t feel slippery or even the sweat like you would feel on the smooth air beds. But nowadays most of the good air bed with a frame┬ácomes with this feature. I would have liked it to be flocked on sides as well, without me having to pay more for it. As promised it is waterproof, though I am not sure it is puncture proof. I have taken it on 16 camps so far, and it has not failed me. I think we need not fear puncturing because it is almost 19 inches above the ground.

The air pump in this bed does a splendid job of inflating and deflating. I can even adjust the kind of pressure I need in my bed with this two way pump, which is something I could not in my previous air bed. This air bed is also very steady thanks to the multiple legs forming the frame which touch the ground in several places.

Insta Bed air mattress does feel as if a large spider is unfolding or closing. Therefore, you should not let little children around when it is being folded or unfolded. For all other purposes, this is a good air bed with a frame to own, though a tad too large for a tent’s interior.

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