Never Underestimate the Power of YouTube Advertising

Not until few months ago when I realized the huge power of YouTube. Everyone knows it. Everyone finds any information through it. The most phenomenal thing is that everyone shares almost everything on it, from personal activities to product or service promotions. In my opinion, YouTube is the window where we can see things worldwide. I am not surprised if lots of business owners make the most of this video channel to introduce their products or services. Fortunately, there is a geo-location feature that they can use for promoting to targeted customers specifically. I’ve noticed that several artists from my country—whether they are singers, dancers or music producers—are using Youtube advertising in Malaysia for their promotion. As the nearest country, Malaysia has shown such a great response for songs and films from here.

I’ve seen such a great impact from this advertising method that relates to the popularity of the artists. Senior artists held concerts in big cities in Malaysia very often, while new kids on the block’ also got many LIKES’ and positive comments from viewers through YouTube. It is easier for them to sell their CDs in Malaysia, instead of their own country.

I came across an idea about sharing my handmade bags to Malaysia, as well. Not only because I can easily upload the hand-making process easier, but also the great chance of reaching as many buyers as they can. The shipping cost from my country to Malaysia is not too pricey, as well. I’ve made some researches about the popularity of handmade products in Malaysia through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then, I decided to buy YouTube advertising because it is affordable and effective at the same time. I can also reach my targeted customers as well, specifically to big cities in Malaysia. All my money is worth spending here, because I am able to control the potential audience.

Tips For Finding The Best Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer allows you to have a cardio workout without experiencing joint stress associated with pounding away on a treadmill. The best elliptical is usually durable, sturdy, stable and easy to use. When you are there shopping for the elliptical, you will obviously want to compare prices since an expensive one do not necessarily mean that it is the best. It is therefore important for you carry out thorough research before buying in order to find the best-rated elliptical trainer.

When looking for the elliptical trainer, it is very important to take into account recommendation from family members, friends as well as coworkers. But also remember that the trainer that suits other people may not necessarily suit you because of the difference in your bodies. Make sure that you look for reputable companies to be sure of getting the best elliptical trainer. The company should offer you great customer service, answer all your questions and also provide a warranty of the elliptical trainer.


Among the things that you should look for in the best elliptical trainer include the weight of the handlebar comfort, the weight of the flywheel, type of display screens, the controls that are available as well as ease of use. You should look for an elliptical trainer that will be able to satisfy your needs to avoid overpaying for things that you don’t need. With the advancement in technology, you can get best trainers that give you just what you need.

You should also take advantage of elliptical trainer rating sites that will help you compare and find the best elliptical trainer. This will help you save time, money as well as headaches of having to deal with bad companies. From the rating sites, you will be able to get lots of information on trainers in one place. You will also find the pros and cons of different trainers that are available.

I have perfected the art of making throw pillows

There is nothing as difficult as buying something for the first time in one’s life. This is particularly true if it is something costly. The pressure of making the right decision is usually unending. Like in my case, my husband was lending me the money I needed to buy a sewing machine. I had told him about my plans for making and selling throw pillows and he had liked it. In that case, I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. For me, finding a beginner sewing machine was of utmost importance.
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As a mother of four, working in the corporate world had proved impractical for me. I would leave home very early in the morning and then return very late at night. This had become a constant source of conflict between my husband and I. that’s why I opted to quit and find a way to earn income from the comfort of my house.

When doing the actual shopping, I was very confused. I noticed that there were so many sewing machine brands, different features as well as price ranges. On the other hand, the process was simpler because I was looking for a sewing machine that is easy to use- specially designed for individuals with minimal skills and experience. Additionally, I was looking for a sewing machine with fewer features since I was only going to use it to make throw pillows. The price range was also an important factor that I put into account because I had a limited budget. With these factors in mind, it wasn’t difficult for me to develop a small list of the best sewing machines for beginners. Besides, sewing machine reviews came in extremely handy because they served as guide.

Eventually, I managed to find a suitable machine, went to my local sewing machine shop and tried it out. Performing functionality check is paramount when buying tools or equipment of this nature. The last thing you want is to buy a machine that breaks down when you have hardly started making any money. The fact that there are so many machines available in the market gave me the benefit of choosing from a variety. On the other hand, it is important for one to be careful in order to find the right machine.

I spend my days making throw pillows and supplying to the local stores and individuals. When my kids have gone to school, and my husband is at work, if I am not making money writing blogs, you will find me making throw pillows. It is an art I have perfected for the past five months, and I am happy.

Air bed with a frame that can automatically fold is just perfect

Well, not quite but perfect for my home. You see, the neatly folded rectangular Insta-Bed EZ Queen Size Air Mattress with Never Flat technology is a bit voluminous to be carried around unless you have a large car with enough space in its trunk, which I do not have as of now. But what I like about it is it unfolds and folds itself automatically, which if you have used any camping bed, requires some care. Why did I need this bed? Being in medical profession, and working for government bodies is not an easy job at all. I am constantly moving in and out of home. In the nights I am simply too tired. The thought of a large bed for me to keep my pains and aches down appealed to me, so I ordered this bed after reading some good air bed reviews.


It has the flocked upper part, so you don’t feel slippery or even the sweat like you would feel on the smooth air beds. But nowadays most of the good air bed with a frame comes with this feature. I would have liked it to be flocked on sides as well, without me having to pay more for it. As promised it is waterproof, though I am not sure it is puncture proof. I have taken it on 16 camps so far, and it has not failed me. I think we need not fear puncturing because it is almost 19 inches above the ground.

The air pump in this bed does a splendid job of inflating and deflating. I can even adjust the kind of pressure I need in my bed with this two way pump, which is something I could not in my previous air bed. This air bed is also very steady thanks to the multiple legs forming the frame which touch the ground in several places.

Insta Bed air mattress does feel as if a large spider is unfolding or closing. Therefore, you should not let little children around when it is being folded or unfolded. For all other purposes, this is a good air bed with a frame to own, though a tad too large for a tent’s interior.

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Getting a Virtual Office in Nagoya Opened up Business for Me in East Asia


As with most businesses, my tech business has had its share of ups and downs. Three years after its inception, it wasn’t doing quite well. We hadn’t made a profit and we had to lay off some employees to keep operating costs low. In the fourth year, things started looking up. We partnered with a number of overseas companies which made finding overseas clients easy. This however created new challenges. Partnerships usually meant that the business had to have some form of presence in our partner’s country. This lead to heavy investment in acquiring office space and hiring new employees which cut deep into our profits.

Although working with foreign companies did breathe new life into my business, the big break came when I got a huge contract from a Japanese company. What was interesting about the contract is that the company was willing to pay one and a half times more than what companies from the west were willing to pay. Apparently, my company’s IT products were in high demand in Japan and other East Asian countries.

This was an opening I wasn’t willing to forgo. If there was high demand for my products in East Asia, then that’s where my business was headed. My strategy was simple. I was to find a city that’s strategically placed within East Asia to act as my headquarters. Nagoya in Japan seemed the perfect location. Unlike most cities around the world, cities in East Asian countries were seeing massive growth which caused rent rates to skyrocket. Since my business wasn’t yet established, I wasn’t willing to take the risk of paying extraordinary rent rates.

I decided to get a virtual office in Nagoya. This would allow me to operate my company within East Asia. This was until the company was making enough profits to allow for renting commercial office space. My strategy worked out fine and, had it not been for the virtual space I rented in Nagoya, my business would be non-existent in the East Asian market.

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